Inspect Element

My Web Design & Development Blog

Inspect Element is a web design and development blog created by myself to share my experiences designing and developing for the web with anyone who comes across it. I had few goals in mind before creating Inspect Element:

As a designer, I believe it is important to have a project of your own to run and maintain in your spare time as it gives you the release you sometimes need to get away from client work. I'm not saying I don't enjoy client work, but it's good to be in control of something 100% (or as close as possible to) yourself.


At the time of writing, Inspect Element now boasts over 9,000 RSS subscribers and over 6,750 people now follow my updates on Twitter. Inspect Element was a proud member of Smashing Magazine's Smashing Network right from the moment it was launched. Unfortunately, Smashing Magazine decided to close the Smashing Network but I still reugularly keep in touch with them.

I have also written an article for Smashing Magazine, titled Progress Trackers in Web Design: Examples and Best Practices. I coudn't find anything written online about progress trackers (for eCommerce) and I had experience of designing them during my time at TUI Travel, so I decided to share what I had learnt.


Inspect Element is one of my best examples of my reponsive design and development.